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Why give to NYJTL?

  • Because you love tennis
  • Because you love kids
  • Because you think tennis is too much fun to keep it only for the elite
  • Because you remember being 13 and how much you needed to know you were good at something
  • Because you want to fight child obesity
  • Because city kids deserve tennis scholarships as much as suburban kids do
  • Because you’ve learned—and want to share—that nothing builds character like showing up the day after you’ve lost a match
  • Because you want to combat the cycle of poverty in NYC
  • Because you want to help kids to discover that tennis is more fun than Nintendo
  • Because urban kids need your help to learn self-respect and the value of hard work
  • Because you believe in teamwork
  • Because you want to give young people a hand up and out of poverty

Your gift to NYJTL accomplishes all this and more! Donate today.